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CDCP Provider

We are proud to announce that we are now providers for the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP), offering affordable dental services in accordance with the ADA Fee Guide.

Our Services

BDC offers dental care for people of all ages and oral health needs. From routine checkups to specialized procedures and advanced surgeries, we help you achieve your healthiest smile.

Our Services

If you are missing numerous teeth, dentures may be an option for you. Partial and complete dentures are typically less expensive than bridges and implants. Talk to your BDC dentist to see if this may be the best solution for your oral health and smile. Learn more.

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In our root canal procedure, we will treat your infected and painful tooth to prevent the spread of infection and save your natural tooth. Our dentists are very experienced in root canals, making them as effective and efficient as possible.

Learn more.

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Part of our restorative dentistry practice includes crowns and bridges which can restore lost permanent teeth and support remaining teeth. We work with the best labs in Calgary to generate crowns and bridges and create your best smile. Our crowns have a five-year warranty. Learn more.

Orthodontic treatment, which includes braces and Invisalign, is essential for achieving a healthy, beautiful smile. Both gradually align teeth and correct bite issues. They provide precise control of tooth movement and help shift teeth into proper alignment. Learn more.

The temporomandibular joint is a sliding ball and socket joint that connects the jawbone to the skull and is dependent on proper alignment to work smoothly. TMJ is a common dysfunction of the muscles in the jaw and joints. Our specialized TMJ dentistry treatment assists people who have been in a motor vehicle accident, experienced a sports injury or have other jaw-related problems, including full mouth reconstruction. Learn more.


With over 10 years of experience in dental implants, Dr. Tung uses the latest technology and treatment procedures, ensuring patients receive the most up-to-date treatment plans.

Learn more.


All wisdom teeth extractions require a consultation where we will review your x-rays and recommend the best approach. Extractions are done under local anesthetics or sedation dentistry.  Learn more.


Regular oral hygiene is the key to long-term dental health. Regular cleanings and check-ups, along with proper brushing and flossing will help to keep your smile healthy. Learn more.


If you are anxious about your dental appointment, have a severe gag reflex or require a long procedure, sedation dentistry is a safe and simple option. Dr. Tung performs longer dental procedures for children under general anesthetic at Riverview Surgical Center.

Learn more.


Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection that infects the gum tissue causing inflammation, redness, swelling and loss of bone around the teeth. It can affect one tooth or many. 

Learn more.


Our Dentoland is just for kids with a dedicated play area, movies on iPads and our caring team who help to make a trip to the dentist more relaxing and fun. Learn more.


Learn more about our other dental services.

Why BDC?


We are here to help with your family’s changing dental needs, from a child’s first trip to the dentist to orthodontics for teens to root canals, implants and bridges as you get older. Building a long-term, trusting relationship with your family is our goal.


Your schedule is busy so we make appointments easy by offering extended hours on evenings and weekends, as well as emergency dental care 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. We are here for you whenever you need us. Our locations have plenty of free parking and are close to public transportation.

Open communication is important to a positive dental experience. Our team speaks seven different languages (English, Cantonese, Filipino, Korean, Russian, Polish and Mandarin), making our dental care accessible to more patients.  

Want to know more?  Check out our “Top 10 Reasons” to visit BDC Dental.

Why BDC?
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At BDC, we understand that going to the dentist can be stressful experience for both kids and parents. Our caring and patient team are experts at making trips to the dentist a fun experience!

Our Team

Your Dental Health Is Our Team’s Priority


We understand that a dentist visit can be stressful, no matter what age you are. That is why
from the moment you walk into our one of our clinics, our friendly and professional staff are

focused on making your visit as easy and as pleasant as possible.

Our Team
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