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Dr. Charles Kim

Dr. Charles Kim was born in South Korea and immigrated to Vancouver, Canada in 1999. There he attended the University of British Columbia where he studied Pharmacy and Dentistry. He graduated in 2019 and moved to Calgary with his wife where they've built their roots since. 

Dr. Kim is passionate about identifying and treating the link between oral health and overall health. Disease in the body can oftentimes show signs in the mouth, head, and neck long before more serious symptoms manifest. Furthermore, he finds too frequently that patients are overly self conscious or anxious to see the dentist. Dr. Kim's greatest wish is for these patients to know that he did not choose this profession to judge or condescend others, but to provide an honest and judgement free approach to treatment. He understands the hardest step is booking that first appointment, but will be honoured to establish a relationship going forward.

In his free time, he will be found in his woodworking shop building furniture or some home improvement project. From dining tables, decks, to bathroom & kitchen remodels, Dr. Kim loves working with his hands which is also why he is so fond of dentistry.

When he's not inside, Dr. Kim also likes to ski in the Rockies or frequent the local parks with his dog. If you ever encounter a giant doberman at Riverdale park, you'll probably run in to Dr. Kim as well!


English, Korean
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