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Dental Emergency

Open Daily and After-Hours Service*

Facing a dental emergency? BDC Dental is here to assist. Whether it's intense pain or sudden injury, our skilled team is ready to help promptly.

Call us at (403)289-9922 to schedule same-day appointments, or conveniently book online for next-day or future appointments.

✓ Open 7 Days a Week*
✓ Same-Day Appointments
✓ Insurance Direct Billing
✓ After-Hours Service*
✓ New Patients Welcome
✓ Follow ADA Fee Guide
Common Dental Emergencies:

Knocked Out Tooth


Chipped or Broken Tooth



What should I do:

Give us a call

Don’t hesitate to contact us at (403) 289-9922. We offer same-day appointments.


Schedule Online

Click here to schedule appointments for the next day or beyond. You can conveniently book online anytime and anywhere.


After-Hours Service

In case of an urgent situation after office hours, please contact us directly at (403) 289-9922 to find the direct line of our dentist. If your call goes unanswered, please proceed immediately to the nearest hospital emergency room if needed.

In the meantime, you can find guidance on managing common dental emergencies at CDA Dental Emergency Management.

How much would it cost?

We follow the ADA Fee Guide. You can easily access the pricing for different procedures on the Alberta Dental Association's website. During emergency appointments, an Emergency Examination (#01205) is typically performed to address urgent dental issues. Additionally, our dentists may require X-rays to ensure precise diagnosis and effective treatment of your dental concerns.

3919 Brentwood Rd NW #101, Calgary, AB T2L 1L1
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