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Free Consultation
Explore our complimentary consultations.
Call us at (403) 289-9922 to schedule a free consultation.



Meet with our dentist at no charge for a dental examination*.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Receive one or more tailored treatment plans for your concern with varying prices and results. Choose the one that suits you best!



Understand the exact cost of your treatment plan. We'll assist with calculating insurance coverage and any remaining expenses, if needed.



Explore our no-obligation consultation to discover the ideal solution for you.

Schedule at your convenience without any pressure—take your time to decide.

Feel free to reach out to us at (403) 289-9922 – we're here to help!

*Please note that there is a fee for X-rays, which may be necessary to plan your treatment. If you have recently had X-rays taken elsewhere, we can help facilitate their transfer.

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