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Offering convenient and comfortable treatment solutions for kids and adults, with success cases from ages 6 to 81. Metal braces and Invisalign available.

Smile Transformer

Crowding and Misaligned Teeth
Aligned Teeth

More Than Appearance...


Upper and lower red lines should be aligned in a proper bite

Misaligned bite
Bite Correction
  • Affect chewing and speech

  • Can cause abnormal enamel wear

  • Address tooth roots to achieve LONG-LASTING results

Why BDC Dental?

Google Review 4.7
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Free Consultation
No payment required until you're certain
0% Financing
No interest - Up to 18 months payment plan
20+ Years' Experience
Provide efficient and long-lasting results
Centrally Located
3 mins walk from c-train and lots of free parking
Save Your Time
Teeth cleaning and extraction in one place
More Language
English 廣東話 普通话

Why Do We Need Orthodontics?

Crooked Teeth
Teeth is not aligned due to the crowding
Tongue / Cheek Biting
Could be indicative of an incorrect bite. Braces can adjust teeth alignment
Buck Teeth / Underbite
Can cause protruding mouth or buck Teeth
Bleeding Gum
Crooked teeth are tough to clean, risking gum infections
Losing Baby Teeth Too Early
Space maintainers hold spots for permanent teeth
Withholding Smile
Lacking the confidence to fully smile to conceal misaligned teeth

It's Never Too Late!

Orthodontic work can start at age six, or during the growth spurt when jaw alignment, can be more easily corrected. It is never too late to begin the treatment, as evidenced by our successful case with a 81-year-old patient.

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