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Dr. Chloe Xu

Dr. Chloe Xu received her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree with Distinction from the University of Toronto, after studying Life Sciences at Queen’s University. In her pursuit of excellence as a well-rounded dental provider, Dr. Xu has delivered care to underserved rural communities and sought academic externship in prestigious dental hospitals abroad. 

Besides upholding exacting standards in clinical skills, Dr. Xu appreciates the human aspect of a dental visit and strives to make the appointment a comfortable experience for everyone. She takes pride in building long-term, meaningful dental relationships with her patients, starting with introducing them to the endless possibilities of contemporary dentistry where aesthetics and functions can be restored and even enhanced. She is a firm believer in the importance of understanding and respecting patient needs and goals, and working closely with the patient to formulate an individualized and comprehensive treatment plan in order to achieve the most satisfactory outcome. 

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