General Anesthetics for Children

The surgical suite is a facility that is offered by the Calgary Health Region for dental procedures. In order to qualify for the surgical suite, the amount of dental work to be done on a child must account for at least one hour of time. At Brisebois Dental, young children between the ages of two and four that are in need of dental work have the option of going to surgical suite for the procedures.

At the surgical suite:

  • Dental work is done while the child is put under general anaesthetics under the supervision of a registered and practicing anesthetist.
  • This option is also available to children who have had bad experiences at dental offices and are terrified of going to the dentist.
  • It may also be better for such children to have all their dental work done in one sitting as opposed to having multiple appointments at the office.

Within 10 days prior to the procedure, the child must be assessed by their family physician to ensure that the child is in good health. The surgical suite is an ideal option for young patients to have all of the required dental work completed in one sitting. Dr. Tung has seen many of his young patients at the surgical suite for many years. He is experienced and caring and will see to it that your child receives all the required dental treatment in a painless and comfortable environment.